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We need to know we are not alone 
...especially when we are hurting.





Understanding how we hurt

and how we heal 

is my life's work.


I am an inborn creative, nature-oriented, and service-driven individual that has always yearned for a more stable and secure world. My own path in healing from complex post-traumatic stress disorder has made me sensitive to the lived experiences of our bodies and more deeply attuned to our relational experiences. From early on, my knowledge in the psychological sciences was melded with a spiritual path, and I have been guided by a yogic philosophy that both recognizes and embraces the inextricable links between mind, body, and spirit. This fundamental knowing continues to inspire me to discover how Eastern approaches can more appropriately be integrated into the therapeutic process in order to facilitate change and transformation, and ultimately a sense of arriving back "Home" within one's Self.

My experience in working with marginalized populations both in the US and abroad has allowed me to appreciate the diversity of our backgrounds, but above all to recognize the common longing for peace, social justice, and healing that drives us towards collaboration, community and healing. I routinely contribute to online platforms that promote holistic health and wellness, and warmly welcome opportunities to give my voice to those seeking therapeutic expertise alongside spiritual self-care.

education & training

- MSSW in Advanced Clinical Practice, Columbia University School of Social Work

- Compassionate Inquiry - Dr. Gabor Maté & Sat Dharam Kaur 

- Mindful Self-Compassion - Dr. Kristin Neff & Dr. Christopher Germer

- Somatic & Experiential Approaches for trauma and addiction - Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Licia Sky

- LifeForce Yoga for Mood Management

- Reiki Master Certification - The Monroe Institute

- 500-HR Registered Yoga Teacher 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker NJ & NY

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