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Janine Leigh Ilsley


integrative therapist.

compassionate guide in holistic health.

postural explorer. philosophical muser.

conscious creative.

To heal ourselves, we need to know ourselves.
To know ourselves, we need to listen to ourselves.

I believe that the purpose of therapy is to become whole again - to bring you into relationship with all the abandoned parts of yourself while restoring your inherent goodness. We do this by becoming more aware and evermore compassionate towards ourselves. As a therapist, I hold these two "wings" - self-awareness and self-compassion - as healing guides within the power of our clinical relationship. By working from a place of curiosity, I don't shy away from offering respectful challenges to fixed holding patterns and rigid belief systems, and instead facilitate the authentic expression of light and shadow present within each of us. In doing so, you can get to know yourself better, learn to trust yourself, and above all be fully seen and heard throughout all your vulnerabilities.

Integrative by nature, I hold the strong belief that we cannot heal the mind without healing the various interrelated dimensions of the body. In doing so, we can come to honor the wisdom of our lived experiences, including the full range of their emotional expressions, and above all expand our capacity to Breathe Fully and Live Deeply in the circle of life.


How I Work

My Clients

I work with adolescents and adults that are looking for ways to create deep, long-lasting substantive change across various context of their lives while also finding greater sense of presence, peace, and purpose in the here-and-now.


My areas of specialty include: depression & anxiety, trauma, autoimmune disorders, chronic health conditions or other "mystery illnesses" that result from the somatization of psychological trauma and stress. I have worked with those in the helping field, highly sensitive individuals, striving artists, spiritual aspirants, and those in the LGBTQIA+ community. I am also passionate about supporting those navigating issues of transition and adjustment, and using the rhythms of the natural world alongside plant medicine to learn how to live more harmoniously with ourselves and others.


My practice is grounded in somatically-informed, trauma-focused techniques that foster the development of self-awareness and self-compassion. I draw from several modalities including psychodynamic theory, internal family systems (IFS), developmental neurosciences, mindfulness-based practices, and attachment-based psychotherapy. I recently completed my year-long certification in Compassionate Inquiry® under Dr. Gabor Maté. In addition to my professional training, I am a registered yoga teacher and devoted student of the Iyengar Yoga method.

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